The current version of Motor requires:

  • CPython 2.7, or 3.4 and later.
  • PyMongo 3.7 and later.

Motor can integrate with either Tornado or asyncio.

Requires the futures package from PyPI on Python 2.

The default authentication mechanism for MongoDB 3.0+ is SCRAM-SHA-1. Install backports.pbkdf2 for faster authentication with MongoDB 3.0+, especially on Python older than 2.7.8.

(Python 2.7.9 and later, or Python 3.4 and later, have builtin hash functions nearly as fast as backports.pbkdf2.)

Building the docs requires sphinx.

Compatibility Matrix

Motor and PyMongo

Motor Version PyMongo Version
1.0 3.3+
1.1 3.4+
1.2 3.6+
1.3 3.6+
2.0 3.7+

Motor and MongoDB

MongoDB Version    
  2.2 2.4 2.6 3.0 3.2 3.4 3.6 4.0
Motor Version 1.0 Y Y Y Y Y N N N
  1.1 Y Y Y Y Y Y N N
  1.2 N N Y Y Y Y Y N
  1.3 N N Y Y Y Y Y N
  2.0 N N N Y Y Y Y Y

There is no relationship between PyMongo and MongoDB version numbers, although the numbers happen to be close or equal in recent releases of PyMongo and MongoDB. Use the PyMongo compatibility matrix to determine what MongoDB version is supported by PyMongo. Use the compatibility matrix above to determine what MongoDB version Motor supports.

Motor and Tornado

Where “N” appears in this matrix, the versions of Motor and Tornado are known to be incompatible, or have not been tested together.

Tornado Version
  3.x 4.x 5.x
Motor Version 1.0 Y Y N
  1.1 Y Y N
  1.2 N Y N
  1.3 N Y N
  2.0 N Y Y

Motor and Python

Motor 1.2 dropped support for the short-lived version of the “async for” protocol implemented in Python 3.5.0 and 3.5.1. Motor continues to work with “async for” loops in Python 3.5.2 and later.

Python Version
  2.5 2.6 2.7 3.3 3.4 3.5.0 3.5.2 3.6 3.7
Motor Version 1.0 N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N
  1.1 N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N
  1.2 N N Y N Y N Y Y N
  1.3 N N Y N Y N Y Y N
  2.0 N N Y N Y N Y Y Y

Not Supported

Motor does not support Windows:

  • The author does not test Motor on Windows to ensure it is correct or fast.
  • Tornado is not officially supported on Windows, so Motor’s Tornado integration on Windows is doubly-unsupported.
  • Since asyncio does officially support Windows, Motor’s asyncio integration is more likely to work there, but it is untested.

Motor also does not support Jython.